“Most beginners have the luxury of not really understanding how bad they are.”
David Wells, Australian portrait painter


Ben was and always will be an artist at heart. Just hours before he was to deliver the commencement address to his 1966 graduating class from Lexington High School in Lexington, SC he could be found painting the stoic portrait of a blue eyed Siamese cat. Having just completed a class in the popular painting medium, acrylics, at the Columbia Museum of Art under Jay Bardin, he was captivated with the art of painting. Graduation, however, meant concentrating on the challenging and creative field of architecture. Ben received his professional architectural degree from Clemson University in 1971. The curriculum there broadened his knowledge of sketching, drawing, painting, photography, and sculpture, while preparing him for his career.


The artistic talents applied to years of professional practice as an architect are now also being applied to the creative art of painting. Studies continue with such local artists and teachers as Randall McKissick, Blake Morgan, Michael Story, and include a session in portrait art with Jim Horton and a plein aire workshop with Karen Hagan.   Week long workshops with nationally and internationally known artists, Richard Christian Nelson, Kevin MacPherson, Daniel Keys, and Kathy Anderson have been highlights in the journey to continue learning. Ben’s portfolio is constantly increasing, to include landscapes, portraits, and abstract interpretations. Travels abroad and across the United States feed a growing list of subject matter to be rendered and only a lifetime to accomplish the task.